HeyMelody - Information Notice on Data Processing

Effective date: June 25, 2021

Thank you for choosing the HeyMelody app (¡°HeyMelody¡± or ¡°App¡±). HeyMelody is operated by Bravo Unicorn Pte. Ltd, a company with its registered address at 9 Raffles Place, #26-01 Republic Plaza, Singapore 048619 (hereinafter referred to as ¡°we¡± or ¡°us¡±) and is a product that allows you to adjust the settings and control the headphones compatible with the App. We are committed to protecting your data. The purpose of this ¡°HeyMelody ?C Information Notice on Data Processing¡± (¡°Information Notice¡±)  is to inform you about the data processing that takes place when you use HeyMelody and how you can handle your data.


Before using HeyMelody, please read this Information Notice carefully to learn about what kind of data will be processed when you use HeyMelody, and in which way this data will be processed.

This Information will cover the following:

  I.            Introduction

 II.          Types of Data Processed Locally Within HeyMelody on Your Phone

III.         How Long Your Data Will Be Stored

IV.         How We Protect Your Data

 V.          Your Options and Rights Regarding Your Data

VI.         How This Information Is Updated

VII.       Contact Us


  I.            Introduction

Once HeyMelody is installed , the App will only process data locally on your device, without any access by us. The processing of your data is thus entirely under your own control. We will neither access, collect, transmit or otherwise process such data, nor will we be able to disclose such data to any third party or use it for any purpose. Therefore, this Notice is not intended to meet the information obligations of the applicable data protection regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (¡°GDPR¡±) if you are located in the European Economic Area (EEA), but it is meant to provide you with information so that you truly understand what happens to your data when you use HeyMelody. As we will not process data, if you want to exercise privacy rights in relation to such data or would like to modify or delete it, we will not be able to support you, except to provide information on how you can handle your data yourself.

 II.           Types of Data Processed Locally Within HeyMelody on Your Phone

When you use HeyMelody, the following data will be processed within the App:

¡¤           When you use the pairing/manage wearable device function so that you can control your wearable device via HeyMelody (such as when you pair or manage your headphones), the App may need to collect Bluetooth address, WiFi account data, device data such as device name, model, volume settings and device battery level, and the settings you have chosen. This interaction will only take place between the wearable and the App.

¡¤           When you search for available software updates, the App will display the version of the firmware in use and if there is an update package available for the device model you are using and language settings you have chosen, this will be displayed on your screen available for you to download it when you wish.

III.         How Long Your Data Will Be Stored

The data that is stored on the App will be deleted when you uninstall or reset the App or clear all data in the App manually. Please see the section ¡°Your Options and Rights Regarding Your Data¡± below for further information.

IV.         How We Protect Your Data

The security of your personal data is of great importance to us. We have adopted security measures that are in line with industry standards to protect your data, and to prevent accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure, or access of the data. We will take all reasonable and practical steps to protect your data within the App. In particular:

      £¨1£©     We will use Secure Sockets Layer encryption (SSL) and other mainstream security technologies to encrypt many of our services during storage. This means that, with very few exceptions, most of the data within the App will be subject to encryption to ensure a high standard of protection.

      £¨2£©     We will conduct security and privacy protection training courses and testing and publicity activities to enhance employees¡¯ awareness of the importance of protecting personal data in order to ensure that privacy compliance mechanisms are implemented into HeyMelody.

      £¨3£©     We will adopt international and industry-recognized standards to protect your data and to actively pass relevant security and privacy protection certifications.

      £¨4£©     However, please note that while we have taken reasonable steps to protect your data, no wireless connection, website, internet communication or any computer system is absolutely secure and your device may still be exposed to cyberthreats. The use of HeyMelody is no exception to this.

 V.           Your Options and Rights Regarding Your Data

You have the following options to manage your data on your own:

¡¤           Direct Access and Alteration. You can directly access and alter your data on the App by using HeyMelody at any time. If you are unable to access and/or alter your data on your own, or if you encounter any problems while doing so, you may contact us using the contact details in the ¡°Contact Us¡± section below and request access to your data in the manner described in this Information.

¡¤           Deletion. You can delete your data directly in the relevant function pages of the App. In particular, you can delete your data (which is stored locally), via ¡°Settings¡± or by uninstalling HeyMelody.

¡¤           Device Permission

           (A)   When you use HeyMelody, we may need to obtain certain device permissions in order to provide you with corresponding functions or services. Specifically, we may request the following permission:

Device Permission

Corresponding Service Function/ Service

Purpose of Permission Request

Ask Before Turning On the Permission

User Can Turn Off the Permission

Impact of Turning Off the Permission/Denying Permission Request


Scanning for earphones

Scanning for and discovering earphones



It will be unable to discover your earphones and, as a result, your earphones will be unable to connect to HeyMelody, so setting your earphones becomes impossible.

Use the microphone

Personalized sound boost

To display animations for the Personalized sound boost feature



No animations will be displayed for the Personalized sound boost feature.


           (B)     You may turn off device permissions via ¡°Settings¡± , to withdraw your consent for certain functionalities within the App, and for us to collect your data based on your relevant device permissions.

VI.         How This Information Is Updated

We reserve the right to update or modify this Information from time to time. We will - as appropriate - send you notifications of material updates to this Information in a form we deem appropriate and we will update the "last updated" date at the start of this Information. In particular, we will adequately inform you if our services change in a way that leads to data processing by us (i.e. if we gain access to the data stored on HeyMelody on your device or if we start to transmit your personal data to our servers to provide you with our services).

VII.    Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about our Information or regarding how your data is processed within HeyMelody on your device, please contact us at the following address:

Bravo Unicorn Pte. Ltd.

Address: 9 Raffles Place, #26-01 Republic Plaza, Singapore

Zip code: 048619

Email Address: privacy@heytap.com